About our Founder

 Designing her services on a foundation of transparency and integrity, Lisa Simon is a renowned entrepreneur and thought leader who aims to instill positive impacts on both a granular and global scale. As the owner of Haute Caviar Company, Lisa possesses a strong background collaborating with top importers and distributors across the world, working with celebrity clients, and environmental/human experience activism, and enjoys delivering all-natural boutique selections that pioneer new levels of wholesome, disruptive change.


Born on the outskirts of Manhattan with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Lisa discovered early on that taking the road less traveled by was her calling in life. In fact, she began developing her own backyard/nursing home talent shows by age 8. By age 12, Lisa established herself as an entrepreneur and 4 years later mastered the art of designing jewelry and sorting diamonds at age 16. She attributes sorting diamonds as the first of many career pivots that led to caviar and helped her to grade it. With this as her roots, Lisa expanded herself across a diverse range of industries including the medical field becoming an assistant to an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon in New York where she became passionate about health and wellness.


Prior to launching Haute Caviar Company and early in her career, Lisa owned and operated a restaurant called Biscotti with her mom at age 22 while finishing college. The restaurant was highly successful, ultimately being featured at The James Beard House, Zagat and The New York Times, and enabled Lisa the opportunity to cook alongside celebrity chefs for non-profits such as Share our Strength, Meals on Wheels, and various Food & Wine events. Even with this fast-rising success, Lisa desired to open something new in Manhattan, which became her catalyst to help owners launch The Bubble Lounge in New York and San Francisco and allowing her to work with internationally renowned winemakers and luxury brands. During this time, Lisa catered to numerous celebrity clients, assisted in a fashion show with Paco Rabanne, and catered to heavily endorsed corporate groups as well as being featured in Money Magazine and Crain Communication. Here her selections of Champagne was the largest in the United States, which she paired with caviar from different parts of the world. She was sourcing many boutique production wines on trips to Champagne and many other wine regions producing sparkling wines and from private collectors, Sotheby's and Christie's and introduced many guests to outstanding tastings and educational opportunities as well as consulting for private wine collectors. 

Upon taking her cultivated experiences and supporting a few other celebrity restaurant groups, including Bobby Flay, Lisa began working for a family-owned winery in Sonoma called Iron Horse Vineyards. Here, Lisa had the opportunity to work with additional dynamic Chefs and sommeliers across the United States and met with a list of influential people such as Jane Goodall, Ted Turner, Mikhail Gorbechev, Sylvia Earle, and several politicians due to the brand being focused on sustainability and having a partnership with National Geographic and spreading awareness about the environment. From there, Lisa ran US Sales and Marketing for a Napa Valley winery and a group of Châteaux in Bordeaux on the right bank including a wine project with Michel Rolland as winemaker. After years with the wine group, she opened her own consulting company where she worked with dairy and cattle ranches along with caviar and fisheries. This effort led to Lisa bringing caviar to a newer audience and into the e-commerce world at the height of the 2009 recession working with top designer sites and top Chefs throughout the United States. 

 After years of consulting, Lisa was referred to Stolt Seafarm, Sterling Caviar to assist the farm group after losing its conglomerate buyer and requiring support on their global sales, marketing plan, and grading system, amongst other relations, to set them up for sale. Once the business sold, Lisa's spark to get back to sourcing the best products ignited again, leading to the development of Haute Caviar Company. To date, the brand has gained exponential traction as an industry leader for its vetted quality and larger impactful focus.

As a professional driven by passion, nothing makes Lisa happier than intertwining her dynamic expertise to exceed customer expectations and do so while supporting the larger picture along the way. She has a genuine admiration for what she does and demonstrates that by delivering quality-rich, luxury boutique selections fortified on the base of unassailable humanistic values. This, in conjunction with her strong inventory of diverse accomplishments, large food/wine networking community, and progressive mindset, is what positioned Lisa to become the accredited leader she is today who continuously strives to raise the industry standards bar.

Overall, Lisa loves delivering her customers the abundant resources they deserve while concurrently pushing for solutions to remediate complex global/environmental problems with other thought leaders. However, when she is not working, supporting the greater good with her unique expertise, or sitting on the panel of thought leaders, you can often find her horseback riding, scuba diving (certified at the Cousteau center in Fiji), biking, and hiking or practicing yoga and meditation to unwind and recharge.

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