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Haute D'Or Osetra - 35.3 OZ (1000G)


You may find Osetra spelled in different ways, this is truly a connosieurs caviar. It has deep rich, velvety notes as well as an almost walnut note to it. Like other caviar types, it varies in color as each fish is different. It can be grey, black, brown or golden. The origin of the sturgeon was from the Caspian which is how the brood stock was developed in other areas of the world. True Osetra caviar, with its creamy texture and nutty flavor, is one of the finest sturgeon roes in the world. While the Russian Sturgeon, originating from the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Azov River basins, were used to propagate farms in different areas of the world, the large farming of caviar all over the world creates an intriguing origin story based on trading.  As Caviar in the modern age has a whole new story and fingerlings have been traded to populate growth of sturgeon for caviar globally, it is as complex and intriguing of a topic. 

Farmed in Belgium by a revered female Caviar Master

We feel the quality and care is one of our current favorites. Like wine, every harvest matters, and at times some farms harvests are preferred over others, we feel a unique responsibility to source the most unique flavors and the batches from the harvest period that our discerning clients enjoy.

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