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Haute Caviar Chefs Kit

$200.70 $223

The Haute Caviar Chefs Kit includes: 

1 jar of White Sturgeon, 1 ounce 

1 jar of Hackleback, 1 ounce

1 jar of Paddlefish, 1 ounce 

4 Mother of Pearl Spoons

The White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) caviar is smooth and creamy and sometimes slightly nutty. Beautifully clean fresh flavor, this caviar has a medium size bead and varies in color. 

Indigenous from the Tennessee to Missouri river areas, American sand sturgeons (also known as hackleback, shovelnose or switchtail) are faster growing than most other species, reaching about 38" at full maturity. Being harvested from the world's smallest sturgeon, this caviar is small and firm with all the characteristics and tastes of the classic wild sturgeon

American Paddlefish, also known as "spoonbill" because of its duckbill-like snout, is a cartilaginous cousin to the Hackleback sturgeon wild caught in the various American Rivers. Our fine paddlefish roe is harvested from the Arkansas river systems out of Oklahoma and White River systems ranges in color from light green to dark steel gray.

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