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Paddlefish Caviar - 2 OZ (57G)

$86 $160

American Paddlefish, also known as "spoonbill" because of its duckbill-like snout, is a cartilaginous cousin to the Hackleback sturgeon wild caught in the various American Rivers. Our fine paddlefish roe is harvested from the Arkansas river systems out of Oklahoma and White River systems ranges in color from light green to dark steel gray.

A fine yet less expensive alternative to sturgeon caviar. 

We are especially proud to be working with the Fish & Wildlife conservation program. Fish and Wildlife works with anglers who bring the fish in at harvest to process and the roe sales provide for research and conservation of a healthy balance of paddlefish. 

Hand packed and quality checked for color, size, freshness, flavor and texture. Often briny like an oyster, it is great as an entry level caviar and atop your favorite dishes from a baked potato to pizza or over a nice filet. The paddlefish feed on plankton so its 100% natural. 

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