Inlaid Silver Mother of Pearl Plate

As each Mother of Pearl plate is unique, size and shapy slightly vary. Each plate measures approximately 19-13cm.

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The word itself evokes luxury and decadence.
Haute Caviar supplies the world’s premium caviar to the most discerning clients.
A women owned brand committed to integrity and transparency


Like fine wines which rely on grape selection, healthy soils, clones, climate factors, vintage, winemaker, etc, the taste of caviar varies by species, grower, water, feed, producer, and even harvest year.

The team at Haute Caviar hand-select the world’s finest caviar for our clients from caviar farms around the globe and wild roe harvesters. Each product is judged by flavor, freshness, practices, microbiology as a few target points of determination.

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the Haute life

the Haute life

At Haute Caviar, we provide only the very best in caviar online, from wild-caught caviar to farm-raised caviar. Our bespoke servings provide the pe...

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Caviar & Wine Tasting & More

Caviar & Wine Tasting & More

White, Bubbly or Red Wine? No matter how our wine journey starts, it is always a fun conversation at dinner, most sommeliers agree, they most likel...

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